Volkswagen Golf R 2020: a powerful 4WD drivetrain and extreme style

Volkswagen Golf R 2020: a powerful 4WD drivetrain and extreme style


VW Golf R gets a new look and a powerful 4WD drivetrain and exclusive images demonstrate his extreme style first look at the brand new VW Golf R after it was discovered undergoing testing in South Africa.

Even in this single photo there are some hints that it is more focused than any previous Golf seen before. First, the wheels, the design of which is very similar to the optional 19-inch wheels “Pretoria”, used on Golf R previous generations. These wheels neatly fill the arches, hinting that the ride height dropped slightly compared to the standard Golf.


The front bumper is very similar in design to the already released module hybrid Golf GTE, but the grille protrudes a large intercooler. In contrast to GTE, an element of a lattice is not illuminated, and decorated with silver.

The following features of Golf R are yet to be confirmed, but Volkswagen bosses have already confirmed that the fastest iteration of the Mk8 Golf will have a capacity of over 300 HP As before, the drive is configured to use system of a full drive 4MOTION VW.

It is expected that for this iteration of the Golf R mild hybrid system provides additional capacity. Unlike the smaller versions of the new Golf, which provide a small electrical impulse to reduce the load on the internal combustion engine, it is likely that a hybrid using the following R will come in the form of an electric compressor. In principle, the same system used in the Audi S6, this should help to virtually eliminate turbo-lag.

I would buy a Golf R to 300 HP?

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