Volkswagen Group will start production of electric cars on the new SSP platform


The name New Auto for the new “strategy until 2030” (video for an hour and a half) resembles the scandalous slogan of Das Auto and “dieselgate”. In its first lines, an increase in the margin from 7-8% to 8-9% by 2025 is spelled out. The share of electric vehicles in the total volume will grow gradually, so in 2040 it will be “almost 100%”. But the profit from the sale of the internal combustion engine will go to accelerate electrification, together with an investment of 73 billion euros and a reduction in costs by another 7%. The “unprecedented synergy” of passenger cars and commuter vehicles is like unification for the sake of economy. So, starting in 2026, VW Group will move to the “single universal architecture” SSP (Scalable Systems Platform).

The contract of 62-year-old Herbert Diess, which was in force in 2018-2023, was recently extended until 2025. The boss said the VW Group is “well on its way” to become a global leader in the electric car market. Ahead is the transition to drones, which means that “technology, speed and scale will be even more important than today.”

The single SSP is named the successor of three ICE “bogies” (MQB, MSB, MLB) and two EV platforms (MEB, PPE). It will form the basis of “more than 40 million vehicles” and will be open to other automakers. Picture shows PPE (foreground), MLB (Audi e-tron), J1 (e-tron GT), MEB (Q4 e-tron).

An idea with a universal architecture is more complicated than it seems, because there are four types of it: SSP n, SSP 1, SSP 2, SSP 3. Rather, it is a common denominator, like Stellantis’ STLA. However, neither the core of the platform, nor its modules have yet been designed: this is being done by the technical center in Wolfsburg, which received 800 million euros of investment. The unified software architecture E3 2.0 will be ready by 2025 (it is being developed by the Cariad subsidiary). At the same time, Argo AI drones will roll out onto the streets. The battery plan has been known since March. The main markets remain Europe, China and the United States.

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