Volkswagen GTI BBS Concept will warm interest in Golf

Volkswagen GTI BBS Concept will warm interest in Golf


The American office of Volkswagen continues the Enthusiast Fleet “series of concepts from enthusiasts”, which has already incorporated the Atlas Cross Sport GT SUV, the Arteon Big Sur liftback and the Taos Basecamp compact. In the new project, the “eighth” Golf GTI received a lowered suspension with H&R coilovers and camber adjustment, a Borla exhaust system and BBS Super RS ​​forged wheels with Delinte D7 tires (235/35 R19).

The authors wanted to “preserve the soul” of the eighth generation Golf and “had no experience with the brand”, so they left the body, the power unit (2.0, 245 hp, 370 Nm) and the interior intact. The red and black livery in retro style is taken from the arsenal of BBS Automotive GmbH, as well as the “golden” wheels.

The hatchback is run by Jamie Orr from Philadelphia, who built the Atlas Cross Sport GT. As he himself recounts in a 19-minute video, the “second” Golf GTI (1984) was the source of inspiration. Solo-Werks Suspension Systems provided assistance in redesigning the chassis.

Volkswagen claims the GTI BBS Concept draws on historical heritage, brings a “healthy dose of the past” to the new Golf GTI, and underscores the unchanged hot hatch characteristics over the years. Now in North America only the “seventh” VW Golf is available, which “starts” at $ 23 195, GTI – from $ 28 695. Sales fell to the lowest values ​​in the history of the model: in the first half of the year, 5265 units were sold, and in 2020, Americans bought 22495 (-14898). The “eighth” hatchback should go on sale by the end of the year and save the situation, despite the rise in price.

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