Volkswagen has announced a budget kupeobrazny SUV

Volkswagen has announced a budget kupeobrazny SUV


A new crossover may be the smallest in the “off-road” the line of the German brand. According to preliminary data, it will build on the platform of the Polo Evrohata last generation.

A few weeks ago Volkswagen announced the budget kupeobrazny crossover utility vehicle: model developed by the Brazilian subsidiary of the group, but will sell it in Europe. Now there is evidence about one’s future cross – it too will make in Brazil and he will also appear in other markets. The head of the South American branch of VW said at a press conference at the Frankfurt motor show, which was held especially for our overseas counterparts, reports the edition Quatro Rodas.


It is assumed that the new cross will be the smallest SUV in the lineup of the brand (and probably the cheapest), and it will base platform MQB A0, it is also based eurohitch Polo is the latest generation of the SUV T-Cross and the upcoming coupe, which will likely be called T-Sport. By the way, it is the “t-cross” is the title of the most compact SUV Volkswagen: length Brazilian version is equal to 4.2 m, the European version of 4.1 meters. The dimensions of the future of the crossover has not yet been named, but the representative of the group noted that the minimum length for the model of the SUV segment is 4 meters.

The production of a small SUV, like kupeobrazny T-Sport, to establish in Brazil, this country, obviously, and will receive the first new. The compartment it’s supposed to debut next spring, and “baby” is likely to present in late 2020 or early 2021-th. By the way, it is known that for the European market Assembly VW T-Sport will establish in Spain. It is possible that the smallest cross later also “prescribe” in the Old world. In any case, the South American arm of the brand is proud of the fact that the three models developed in Brazil, will reach Europe. The third should be a pickup truck, created on motives of concept Tarok. Although the truck is probably “old-world residence” still not getting it.


Recall that VW was thinking about releasing a subcompact crossover a few years ago. So, in 2012, the brand has shown in Brazil, the Taigun concept, in 2014, slightly modified prototype was brought to the Indian auto show. But in 2016, the company said that refused from this model. And one of the reasons for this decision was that the cross was considered too small: the VW Taigun concept was built on the basis of the city car up!, length of the SUV is 3 859 mm, distance between axles – 2 470 mm. And in 2017 the German media reported that Volkswagen thawed the project, and even called in advance the future of cross – T-Track. Apparently, he meant just the new crossover from the South American division of the brand, is already on another platform and larger than the Taigun.

Meanwhile, VW is preparing to introduce a new and more premium SUV in China about to launch a cross-coupe, created on the basis of local models Tayron, and in Europe and the United States next year will be an electric SUV ID.4.

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