Volkswagen has announced the premiere of the new VW Golf

Volkswagen has announced the premiere of the new VW Golf


All will be revealed on 24 October, when Volkswagen finally take off the veils from the eighth generation.

To ease the wait, marketing team from Wolfsburg has found time to release yet another teaser image with the updated compact hatchback, which is a very want to see. While the previous official images were focused on the design of the front and interior, the last picture provides a preview of the back of the car.

Not surprisingly, the design of the rear lights not too departs from the Mk 7.5, but gets completely new graphics that will make recognizable the new Golf. It is expected that even the basic model will use the led technology for some lighting options and high-performance versions will probably be presented to the fancy sequential turn signals that VW introduced a few years ago.


As for the layout, the Volkswagen decided to abandon the 3-door version of the Golf Sportsvan and minivan. The convertible is produced after the sixth generation, but he will “live” in a kind of T-Roc Convertible. Contrary to initial reports, the universal appears as a reliable Alltrack derivative.

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