Volkswagen has calculated the losses from the fire on the ship Felicity Ace

Volkswagen has calculated the losses from the fire on the ship Felicity Ace


The Russell Group insurance company has estimated the total damage to the cargo on the Felicity Ace at $438 million. Of this amount, cars account for about $401 million, while Volkswagen could lose $155 million. At the same time, the consulting company Anderson Economic Group expects damages for the lost cargo to be $334.6 million, Bloomberg reported.

Recall that the 200-meter ro-ro ship Felicity Ace delivered VW cars from Germany to the USA – in total about 4 thousand cars of Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and Bentley brands. When the ship was 90 nautical miles southwest of the Portuguese Azores on February 16, a fire broke out on board. The fire quickly spread and forced all 22 crew members to abandon ship. Rescuers picked up the sailors and delivered them to the island of San Miguel.

Among the transported vehicles on board are both vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries, which are difficult to extinguish. According to one theory, the fire was caused precisely because of the batteries of one electric car, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

As of February 22, the Portuguese Navy has reported a significant reduction in Felicity Ace smoke, however, the fire has not yet been fully extinguished. On February 24, a group of experts on a Portuguese Air Force helicopter is to fly to the ship to analyze the conditions for towing the ship, located 195 nautical miles south of the Azores island of Faial.

Two rescue ships with additional firefighting and towing equipment are on their way to the car carrier. One of them should arrive on Wednesday, February 23, the other on February 26.

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