Volkswagen has clarified the fate of the “hot” Polo

Volkswagen has clarified the fate of the “hot” Polo

It seems that the R family will manage without the compact hot-hatch.

The line “hot” Volkswagen recently expanded actively. Already presented in a particularly powerful modifications, for example, a compact crossover T-Roс and the Touareg SUV, which incidentally was the first “charged” hybrid firms.

In addition, VW did not skimp on the compliments of the coming Golf R and even promise to Fund a sports model its electric collection: the fastest VW of the road ID will be a modification of the record ID.R.


However, as the publication said the Car Throttle a head of Jost Capito, VW Golf R will remain the fastest among compact cars sports cars Volkswagen. “Charged” version of hatchback Polo in the family has no place. He did not deny that a certain interest among buyers to this model exists, but the potential sales volumes are unlikely to justify the costs of developing a hot-hatch. In addition, according to VW, the commodity modification of the Polo R would be too expensive by the standards of the segment.

It is worth Recalling that even in 2017, Volkswagen looked at the market more optimistic: go active rumors about are already in development “hot” versions of the VW Polo, which was intended for a turbo engine up to 300 HP So the only next product which is known as some of the technical details and approximate date of debut, remains the Volkswagen Golf R.