Volkswagen has created a robot to recharge the electric cars

Volkswagen has created a robot to recharge the electric cars


Volkswagen has developed a new conceptual system of the robot, which will autonomously be able to replenish energy stores of electric vehicles. Thanks to the technology of each Park will be transformed into a great charging station.

Mobile charger consists of two modules: the robot and mobile device batteries. The system works as follows: the driver arrives at the Parking and calls the robot by using the mobile app. The latter alone opens the charging port and connect the cable, connecting it to the power source. Then he makes exactly the same procedure with other cars needing to be recharged.

Each mobile battery 25 kWh-equipped 50-kW quick charging. The robot is equipped with a set of sensors and sensors that helps the device to navigate in space and to maneuver between parked cars.


Previously, Volkswagen told about the innovative mobile charging station, which in future will be used to replenish batteries of electric cars. The device can be installed in any place, including city parks, near businesses or large-scale events.

Station with battery power 360 kW can charge up to 15 EVS, four of which will be able to replenish the supply of batteries at the same time. The charging time of a single vehicle thanks to a special system will be about 17 minutes.

The company noted that the main advantage of the mobile charging is that it does not need any external power source. If the battery level falls below 20% the device will go in charging, and in its place establish a similar station.

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