Volkswagen has no plans to abandon mechanics

Volkswagen has no plans to abandon mechanics


Trehpedalnyh machine will remain in the model lineup of the company as long as they are willing to buy them.

Take care of the buyers who want to enjoy independent of gear selection, edition of Autocar said the head of one of the research departments of VW Mathias Rabe. According to him, VW will make a car with a manual transmission, until, until demand.

Introduced relatively recently hot hatch the VW Golf GTI is really preserved in the list of manual transmissions. However, it’s shown with him diesel Golf GTD and the hybrid Golf GTE will go into the market armed only with robotic transmissions – 6 – and 7-speed respectively.


In addition, VW has a couple more compact models of the GTI line – up! and Polo, and both of them are also sold with manual transmissions. But sports cars, which VW only promises to introduce the Golf R, Tiguan R, and Arteon R – likely to be sold only with a bunch of DSG and all-wheel drive.

However, it is possible that Matthias Rabe was not referring to the vehicle manual boxes sports models, while maintaining the possibility of issuing trehpedalnyh cars in General – especially for enthusiasts of the operation lever and grip. Except VW, to continue the production of cars with a mechanical transmission in the long term, has stated, for example, Porsche and BMW.

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