Volkswagen has postponed the construction of a plant in Turkey

Volkswagen has postponed the construction of a plant in Turkey


Bulgaria and Romania are ready to offer more incentives for the Volkswagen Group to win auto plant, as the automaker is reconsidering its decision to place the plant in Turkey.

VW chose Manisa, located 40 km North-East of Izmir on the Western coast of Turkey, to plant worth 143 million dollars, the production of which is planned to start in 2022. On Tuesday, the company said it has postponed a final decision on the site in Turkey amid international criticism of a military operation in the country of Syria and concerns about possible consequences for the reputation.


Bulgaria and Romania were considered for the new VW plant and postponement of the automaker in favor of Turkey raised their hopes. The Bulgarian government is ready to increase its offer and to double the subsidies available for VW, to 260 million euros from the initial 135 million, said Rosen Plevneliev, a member of the Board of the non-governmental Bulgarian automotive cluster.

“Bulgaria has prepared a wonderful offer that offers the maximum in accordance with the laws of the European Union”, – said on Wednesday at the Bulgarian public radio BNR Plevneliev, who is also the former President of Bulgaria. “We can expand our cooperation with Volkswagen in various fields. Bulgaria needs to build the infrastructure for electric cars. We also have ideas on how to reinforce the automaker for more infrastructure and educational measures,” – said Plevneliev.

The representative of the Ministry stated that before a final decision Bulgaria and Turkey are candidates for new plant.

With the decision of the VW neighbouring Romania stated that beginning new negotiations to lobby for investment.

“We started negotiations with the Volkswagen Group,” – said on Wednesday the Romanian newspaper Ziarul Financiar, the Minister of trade Stefan Radu Oprea.

Romania has a Ford Motor plant and is home to the Dacia, which is owned by Renault. Oprea serves as the interim Minister of trade to until will not vote for a new government after the Cabinet fell, as at the beginning of this month, the Parliament voted no confidence.


According to a new internal document published by Automotive News Europe, the new VW plant plans to build the model VW Passat and Skoda Superb next generation with a maximum annual capacity of 300,000 cars. This will ease capacity constraints in the Czech Skoda factories and will allow the VW plant in Emden, Germany, to move from the production Passat to electric vehicles.

Where do you think all the same Volkswagen will build its plant?

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