Volkswagen has released a self-leveling center caps discs

Volkswagen has released a self-leveling center caps discs

Self-aligning hub cap discs, which were introduced by Rolls-Royce, now available for the Volkswagen models.

Self-centering cap from the alloy which is considered a “touch of super-luxury”, as the name implies, are always in need, “read” the situation, no matter how fast the car goes or to the position of the wheel. Thus, at any speed icon brand will be perfectly visible.

You would think that such a thing will be compatible with most luxurious model ever created by the brand from Wolfsburg, the ill-fated Phaeton, but it’s not. Special wheel covers will not be supplied to the full-size sedan and Touareg SUV. The list of incompatible models actually longer because it also includes a compact model, such as the old Lupo up! Polo and the new subcompact crossover T-Cross.

Full set of four items will cost $ 195.

“We’re not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but we know that this novelty will attract certain buyers,” said James Woolf, Manager of accessories and products to Volkswagen UK.

It is worth noting that the VW is not the first brand of the group that offered such a product, as Bentley has sold it for many years. In 2009, trade mark Crewe has released a similar product for the Arnage, Azure, Brooklands and Continental.