Volkswagen has ruled out the possibility of investment in Tesla

Volkswagen has ruled out the possibility of investment in Tesla


Top Manager of the German brand said that the Tesla there is nothing that could make the Volkswagen.

Recently, we reported that the Volkswagen Group intends to buy a stake in the American company Tesla. However, the head of the group Herbert Diess said that he will not consider this issue.


Speaking at the Frankfurt motor show where the company unveiled the production electric hatchback ID 3, Diss finally denied rumors of the acquisition of shares in Tesla.

“No, I would not consider a share in Tesla. I really admire what he did, which is also useful for us because it really pushes us forward [of electrification]. The car is good, and I love to drive them. I would not buy the share because they think that whatever they do, we can do” – said a top Manager.

Diss also noted that, in his opinion, VW will have the advantage over Tesla. This will be achieved through the scale of production, Volkswagen has plenty of automated conveyors around the world, while Tesla still uses manual Assembly.


When asked, will consider whether the German company is buying the Tesla in the event of its bankruptcy, he replied:

“I don’t believe that [bankruptcy] will happen. I really like Elon, and I wish him all the best. Tesla is close to profitability.”

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