Volkswagen hinted at the universal Arteon Shootingbrake

Volkswagen hinted at the universal Arteon Shootingbrake


Online you can find a lot of extraneous illustrations of universal Arteon. They differ not too much in the form of a rear rack. What happens at Volkswagen, we learn in the next year.

Last fall, the company Volkswagen has announced the restructuring of the factory in Emden under electric cars on the platform of the MEB that there prescribe 2022, replacing trade winds in skodowski plant in Kvasiny. And yesterday was followed by a new statement. Plans for the MEB models have not changed for them but in Emden will build an additional workshop. And in the old several years will be produced (to quote) “Arteon, the Passat sedan and Shootingbrake”. Last name written as one word as the model name, intrigued. The company has not decoded the message, but suspect that it will be a universal-type Shooting Brake on the basis of Artena (Arteon produced in the Emden).


In respect of the power plant Arteon Shootingbrake there are two assumptions. The first is a new smeshanno-row biturbomotor VR6 3.0 (400 HP, 450 N•m), over which now runs the company. Second — forced turboservice 2.0 returns 333 HP and 400 N•m, with a moderate 48-volt hybrid system. (Same engine insiders tipped as the next generation Golf R, see our “Bonus”.) Maybe universal will get both of these motor.

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