Volkswagen ID.4 is almost ready for serial production

Volkswagen ID.4 is almost ready for serial production


Company VW continues to test its next electric vehicle – the crossover ID.4. To new not declassified ahead of time, she’s disguised as Opel.

Photos of the prototype, which plows the snowy roads of Europe published the resource Carscoops. Despite the fact that the new product clearly copies the appearance Grandland X (due to the “cunning” of the film), it is possible to see the features of the upcoming ID.4. But, interestingly, this is the second version of pseudo-Opel from Volkswagen: the company from Wolfsburg has already experienced ID.4 under the guise of Opel, but then the disguise was not so obvious.

Whatever it was, but the deception failed and the second time – of fotosporno that first year off the car in camouflage, it is difficult to cheat.


As for the electric crossover VW ID.4, it will be as unified with hatchback ID.3. With his last will unite platform MEB, battery capacity 45, 58 kW and 77 kW/h (they will be missed at the reserve at 330, 420 and 550 km respectively); but in terms of “engine” SUV will be slightly different: already in the database, he received a twin-engine powerplant: front prescribe motor at 110 HP and rear – power 204 HP size Volkswagen ID.4 will be close to the Tiguan.

Debuts new electric car Volkswagen in June this year at the auto show in Detroit. First, in 2021, the new product will launch in Europe and then, in 2022, it will go on line in USA.

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