Volkswagen ID.4 will test its strength in the rally

Volkswagen ID.4 will test its strength in the rally


After the completion of the NORRA 1000 race, which Tanner Faust completed with a modified ID.4, Rhys Millen Racing and Tanner Foust Racing took on a new mission to help Volkswagen enter the Rebelle Rally. This time, the all-wheel drive version of the Volkswagen ID.4 crossover (in the USA it is AWD Pro) was taken as the basis for the rally car. Its power plant remained serial: a pair of 299 hp motors. (460 Nm), 82 kWh battery (full capacity), 400 km EPA range. On the other hand, non-standard tubular levers appeared in the suspension. Complemented by retuned chassis with Yokohama Geolandar A / T tires, additional underside skid plates.

The racing ID.4 in this version is issued only with non-standard wheels and tires, a special paintwork and a Thule rack with a spare wheel on the roof.

The body art (vinyl) was done by Salt Lake City artist Liz Coose, inspired by the desert landscapes along the racetrack.

Rebelle Rally is the first female off-road rally raid in the United States. Distance – 2500 km through the deserts of Nevada and California. The start is scheduled for October 7, the race is scheduled for eight days. The new ID.4 will feature an all-female crew this time: car journalist Mercedes Lilienthal as driver and manager Emily Winslow as co-driver. Both have already taken part in rally-raids.

Kimberly Gardiner, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America, said:

“The Rebelle Rally is paving the way for motorsport and giving us the opportunity to bring our ID.4 to an even wider audience. Volkswagen helped make off-road racing popular in the 1960s, and we are just beginning to explore the potential for electrifying off-road motorsport. ”

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