Volkswagen ID Buzz no longer masquerading as a “Transporter”

Volkswagen ID Buzz no longer masquerading as a “Transporter”


Spy shots of an all-electric Volkswagen ID Buzz have appeared on the Web more than once, but they were all mules of “Transporter”. Now we managed to catch a van in a serial body.

However, it was not without camouflage. A thin camouflage film hides the true shape and size of the glossy front panel, and the foglights appear to be completely fake. The chrome strip masks the diode strip that visually connects the headlights. However, the air intake grille in the bumper looks production-ready.

Note the lack of side windows, which indicates that the team has taken out the cargo version for testing. This will be sold only in Europe, and the Americans will receive only a passenger version. The spies managed to look into the salon: two screens are clearly visible here: one shows the state of the devices, and the second – hovering – controls the operation of the infotainment complex.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles promises to declassify the production van next year, and at the same time the company will begin deliveries to European dealers. In the US, the market debut will take place in 2023. The MEB architecture on which ID Buzz is based allows for the production of modifications with one and two electric motors. Accordingly, the drive will be rear or full.

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