Volkswagen intends to sell a million electric vehicles in three years

Volkswagen intends to sell a million electric vehicles in three years


Volkswagen has revised the plans of sales of electric cars and announced that the target seemed a million copies will be reached two years earlier, by the end of 2023 th. And by 2025, the group intends to sell 1.5 million cars from the family ID for this company will have to sell annually about 300 thousand cars.

The main rate Volkswagen makes the firstborn of a new “green” line, hatchback ID.3. Production at the plant in Zwickau, Germany, was launched in November, though sales will begin only next summer. According to the amended plan, ID.3 will help the company in the coming years to occupy a leading position in the segment of e-mobility and will assume a larger share of sales from the planned volume of one million vehicles by 2023. The numbers are ambitious, given the fact that from the moment of the presentation of the e-up! in 2013, Volkswagen sold a little more than 250,000 electric vehicles.


The seriousness of their intentions the group confirms the amount of investment in electrification and “mobility of the future.” By 2024, all the brands included in the group, invest in new projects 33 billion euros. Eleven billion invests himself “Volkswagen”. Of the 34 models planned for launch in 2020, eight are hybrids and “pure” electric vehicles.

In addition to ID.3 and the already announced crossover ID.4, eco-friendly collection will include a buggy, a large SUV, the subcompact electric car entry level minivan, which will receive the index ID.7.

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