Volkswagen is preparing a massive “electric car”

Volkswagen is preparing a massive “electric car”


In recent years car manufacturers have focused on expanding the range of all-electric, long-range sedans, SUVs and pickups, reports

This leaves an opportunity for small electric vehicles at the most competitive prices for the mass market, mainly in Europe and Asia. Volkswagen plans to fill this gap a new brand of electric cars sold in less than 22 000 USD.

Automotive News reports that the cars will be based on a heavily modified version of the platform Volkswagen MEB EV. The architecture will be shortened by about to 3.96 meters. The goal is to bring the cost to less than 20 000 euros. Here as described this task in the commercial edition:

Adaptation architecture for small city cars from the point of view of the economy proved a daunting task because of the need to remove one third of the costs compared to ID.3.


Engineers examined everything from small electric motors and ending with different configurations of the battery modules to give a small electric a high standard of protection from collisions that would be expected by customers.

In March 2019, the General Director of VW Group Herbert Diess (Herbert Diess) stated that for electric versions of their small city cars – VW Up, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii – he will use the new brand, most likely, the Spanish brand Seat. The goal was to make “a big step towards more affordable electric mobility”.

But the automaker has recently revised its “strategy for brands, production systems and markets,” according to the representative of the company.

Now Volkswagen is likely to use its core VW brand to the family of the most affordable electric vehicles, although the final decision is still pending.

In March 2020, the company VW has announced that this year received 20,000 orders for the electric e-up! in Germany.

Ralph Brandstetter, chief operating officer of Volkswagen, also told the British magazine CAR that ID.1 is in development. He will become the smallest car in the VW line, including about seven electric vehicles under the brand ID. After incentives, the target price could fall below $ 20 000 USA. While Brandstetter said that the MEB architecture can be reduced to reduce the cost.


It is unclear how ID.1 will be treated to a new brand of small electric cars built by Volkswagen.

It is assumed that ID.1 will be supplied with two different options for battery packs: 24 kWh 36 kWh.

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