Volkswagen is preparing a new electricross VW ID.1

Volkswagen is preparing a new electricross VW ID.1


At the end of 2019 by the Volkswagen Group announced its intention to 2029 to bring to market 75 60 electric cars and hybrids. Today, same brand, members of the group, methodically moving towards the goal.

This year, Volkswagen announced its new electricross finally resecreted his name ID.4. This model will reach the us market. The Germans are not going to stop trying to run the promised number of environmentally friendly cars by the scheduled date. One of the future innovations – compact urban electric car Volkswagen ID.1., which in size is comparable to the VW e-up!. Recall, this car is perfect for driving in the city. On miniature electric car from Volkswagen is told in the report of the Car Magazine U.K.


Also the Germans were working on other innovations: Crozz ID.1 and a great crossover e-Roomzz. The latest model will go into production in 2021. Positioned it as a global, but initially will be sold in China.

Electric car Volkswagen ID.1. get a universal platform MEB, which is used for ID.3 and ID.4. Also now the new designate two batteries 24 and 36 kWh. With top battery electric car will travel without recharging of about 300 kilometers.

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