Volkswagen is preparing to launch the production version of the ID Buzz

Volkswagen is preparing to launch the production version of the ID Buzz


Electric Volkswagen microbus will appear on the home market in 2022.

Volkswagen electric breakthrough began with the release of electric hatzlacha ID.3, which, unfortunately, is unavailable in the United States. This does not mean that the German mark will not be cars with zero emissions, designed to sell in America, as the crossover ID.4 should be launched in the us market at the end of this year. After a couple of years, Volkswagen will start production of yet another electric car.

The considered EV is the van that will enter production in 2022 and will be collected in Germany, where he will go around the world, including North America. According to the publication this information was confirmed by the head of the American division of Volkswagen Johan de Nissen.


The serial version of the model first debuted in concept ID Buzz back in 2017. A prototype based on a pair of electric motors for all-wheel-drive layout with a total capacity of 369 HP (275 kW). The name Buzz is not yet confirmed for use the working version, but de Nissen said it was the internal model designation in the Volkswagen.

After the presentation of the concept the participants had the opportunity to drive it, but the show car “ever was intended only for driving on stage and behind its limits”, so there was no real driving experience, which we could talk. However, for many it was very funny. This is literally all that is known at the moment about the bus. It is hoped that the new van will be similar to the concept of ID Buzz and get the nickname Buzz.

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