Volkswagen is the most popular brand in Europe

Volkswagen is the most popular brand in Europe


Experts of the New Cars portal told what brands of cars Europeans prefer in 2021. In total, 4,120,440 new cars have been sold in Europe since the beginning of the year, which is 23% better than last year.

Volkswagen cars are sold better than others – 451.8 thousand people stopped their choice on them. Demand growth increased by 15.8%, and the best result among models was shown by the Golf of the eighth generation – 75.4 thousand units. The second position is occupied by the French company Peugeot – dealers sold 285 thousand cars. It was this company that showed the best dynamics among the leaders – plus 41.9%. And more often than others, Europeans chose the compact hatchback Peugeot 208 (79.5 thousand units).

“Bronze” of the rating goes to the Japanese Toyota, whose cars were sold in a circulation of 245 thousand copies (+ 31.1%). The compact Toyota Yaris became the bestseller with 74 thousand cars sold. The TOP-5 is complemented by two representatives of premium German brands.

BMW is on the fourth line – in 2021, Europeans bought 243 thousand of these cars (+ 23.9%). At the same time, the 3-Series sedan became the bestseller with a result of 44 thousand units.

Mercedes-Benz is in the fifth position – cars of this brand on the European continent have sold 242 thousand units. (+ 11.1%). Interestingly, the most popular in Europe is the compact A-Class – 47.5 thousand cars sold.

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