Volkswagen loses court over diesel scandal

Volkswagen loses court over diesel scandal


Europe’s highest court has ruled that the Volkswagen Group used technologies that helped it avoid testing for diesel engine pollution, which violates European Union rules. The use of the device cannot be justified by the fact that “it contributes to the prevention of aging or clogging of the engine,” the EU Court of Justice ruled on Thursday.

Such software “must protect the engine from sudden and exceptional damage” and “only those immediate risks of damage that create a particular hazard when the vehicle is in motion” can justify its use, the court said.

VW has faced a wave of lawsuits from investors, in addition to demanding drivers pay back money for losing the value of their diesel cars due to manipulation exposed by the US regulatory body in September 2015. The scandal cost VW more than 30 billion euros ($ 36.7 billion).)

It should also be noted that the European Court of Justice suggested that owners of VW cars that have fallen under the scandal file a lawsuit against the automaker because of manipulations with diesel fuel emissions in any of the 27 EU countries.

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