Volkswagen needed Tesla’s help

Volkswagen needed Tesla’s help


The FAW-Volkswagen joint venture in China wants to buy green loans for battery cars from its main competitor Tesla, Reuters reports. Moreover, the international news agency refers at once to three sources familiar with the situation.

This deal once again confirms that the Germans have seriously approached the idea of ​​becoming leaders in the electric car market. Investors support this desire: the automaker’s shares managed to rise sharply in price.

At the same time, Volkswagen models with traditional motors still dominate in the Chinese and other regional markets. China has a system of green loans – an incentive for car manufacturers to produce more environmentally friendly cars.

Electric car companies feel best here: they can sell their quotas to those who have environmental problems.

The same Tesla makes good money on such deals. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. The parties did not comment on the information on the possible deal. Exactly how many “green loans” the Germans want to buy is not reported.

One loan is estimated at 3 thousand yuan (this is higher than the previous price tags). Volkswagen plans to release five electric cars of the ID family this year at its production facilities in China.

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