Volkswagen plans to buy Tesla


CEO of the German company have expressed great interest in buying stake in Tesla, but the word remains with the user.

According to a recent report by Automotive News Europe, CEO of Volkswagen Herbert Diss considering acquiring Tesla directly, or at least the acquisition of shares. According to the information received, VW definitely has the means to do so.


The sources explained that the CEO knows how beneficial it can be in relation to Tesla batteries and software. However, Diss had to win the support of the owners of the concern.

At the moment, the Manager believes that the purchase of shares would be a serious step forward. A banker associated with the German company, said to lose about $ 30 billion to buy Tesla, it may be difficult to justify if only the Diss won’t be extremely sure of the software developers from Silicon valley.

It is not surprising that the automaker is interested in the Tesla. Electric technology of the American brand, especially the batteries seem incredible. And with the desire to Volkswagen switch to electric power, the company will surely benefit from cooperation with Tesla in this area.


Although we do not think that the decision on this question will come quickly, it’s definitely an interesting event, and of course, we will closely monitor any incoming information.

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