Volkswagen prepares a response Tesla Semi!?

Volkswagen prepares a response Tesla Semi!?


The head of the entire Volkswagen concern Herbert Diess published a post on his Twitter account in which he posted four teaser images of the new electric cars at once, providing them with the following explanation.

An electric, digital, unmanned future awaits us, which opens up new possibilities in design. The chief designer of our group, Klaus Tsikiora, and his colleagues shared with me their vision of future products that will help us defeat new competitors in the face of such startups as Xpeng, NIO, Lucid. Which teaser do you like best?

Apparently, the first picture shows sketches of the future flagship Volkswagen electric car, which is still known as Project Trinity. This car should be the next step in the evolution of electric vehicles after the existing models on the MEB platform.

Another drawing obviously shows the interior of a future electric vehicle with a fifth level autopilot. This can be judged by the lack of traditional controls.

Finally, a sketch of a heavy truck from MAN, which is also a member of the Volkswagen group, looks very interesting. It was obviously inspired by the Tesla Semi electric truck.

Herbert Diess is not only an adherent of electric transport, he personally knows Elon Musk and last year even allowed the head of Tesla to test the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car. It is Diss who regularly convinces the group’s shareholders to increase investments in electric transport.

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