Volkswagen pulls and asks a U.S. court to reconsider a decision on desligado

Volkswagen pulls and asks a U.S. court to reconsider a decision on desligado


Volkswagen Group on Thursday appealed to the Ninth circuit U.S. court of appeals to reconsider the decision, stating that the two districts could potentially require billions of dollars of financial penalties for excess emissions of diesel fuel.

According to the decree issued in June, the County salt lake city Utah and the County of Hillsborough state of Florida may require “overwhelming” damages for the updates made to the design of Volkswagen cars and lowered emissions of CO2.


VW said in court documents Thursday that the decision, if upheld, could have broader implications for the U.S. auto industry and could force car companies “, or to avoid maintaining or improving the emission control systems of vehicles used … or to pass on to the consumers of the significantly increased costs of compliance”.

VW asked the Board to reconsider its decision or to the court of appeal considered the case, warning that this decision could affect millions of cars recalled every year for emissions, and may result in “regulatory chaos”.

Recall that Volkswagen admitted to using illegal software to cheat tests for air pollution in USA in 2015.

VW says that it will determine whether the Agency for environmental protection (EPA) “exclusively to regulate sales, nationwide changes in the emission control systems of their cars, or, as claimed by the group, all 50 States and thousands of counties may also regulate this postproduction process.”

The court found that Volkswagen had settled criminal and civil lawsuits in the United States, caused a scandal with emissions amounting to more than $ 20 billion, but this did not protect him from responsibility of local and state authorities.

The judges wrote that they “remember what our conclusion may result in overwhelming liability for Volkswagen. But this result is due to the behavior that Congress could not have foreseen: a deliberate intervention in the after-sales of Volkswagen vehicles to increase air pollution”.


U.S. district judge Charles Breyer, who ruled in favor of VW in 2018 on the issue, noted that “the potential fines the automaker can reach 30.6 million of dollars and 11.2 billion dollars a year.”

The scandal has cost VW at 35.5 billion dollars in fines and costs for the purchase of vehicles worldwide today.

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