Volkswagen really wants to create only electric cars

Volkswagen really wants to create only electric cars


In an interview with the head of the sports division of the German brand was said that VW had to develop electric cars, but now he really wants to. The planned release of 75 electric vehicles of Volkswagen AG by 2029.

Lately Volkswagen has been very busy developing its own family of electric vehicles. First, it was ID.3 (pictured), which is a compact hatchback and the first such model in the automaker. Then it was officially announced the creation of the electric crossover ID.4 (formerly ID. Crozz). Now begin to appear the rumors about the work on the creation of entry-level electric car, which will be known as ID.1.

At the moment, it seems that the German concern VW Group is going with the original plan and may provide 75 electric vehicles by 2029.

It is noteworthy that the first German brand undertook the development of electric models only due to more stringent emissions standards.


In an exclusive interview to a foreign publication Autocar, the head of the sports division of Volkswagen R Jost Capito admitted that the company initially developed the electric car to meet upcoming stricter emissions standards in Europe. He noted that now the development of models with electric motors that “what we want to do the most”.

Mr. kapito is responsible for the development of more “hot” versions of production models of the company. Last year an electric race car, created by the forces of division was in the headlines, breaking several speed records.

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