Volkswagen showed the new Amarok

Volkswagen showed the new Amarok


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has released new images of the upcoming Amarok. The pickup will hit the market in 2022, will receive significantly more electronic assistants and will acquire support for branded online services. The model will be produced at a plant in General Pacheco, Argentina, and then assembled at Ford’s plant in Silverton, South Africa. In the meantime, you can see what the second generation Amarok will look like and take a look into its interior.

Now “Amaroki” are leaving the assembly line of enterprises in Algeria and Argentina, and the assembly of a new pickup truck will be organized at the site in South America. And later it will be produced by a Ford plant in the suburbs of Pretoria, because the position of the model is still strong in the southern hemisphere.

Actually, the “second” Amarok will be built on a platform common with the new Ford Ranger. At the same time, unification can affect not only the basis, but also the engines. For the sixth generation “Ranger” presented at the end of November, three diesel units have been announced so far: V6 3.0 and “four” 2.0 with one or two turbochargers. Also, the American pickup has two versions of all-wheel drive: automatic and advanced permanent with a set-and-forget mode (set and forget).

Volkswagen published the first sketches of the future “Amaroka” in the spring of 2020. The new portion of the images gives an idea of ​​the exterior and interior of an already serial pickup. For example, you can see that the model retains the proportions of its predecessor, but becomes more expressive. The salon is not that revolutionary, but definitely modern, with digital “tidy”, a large center screen and a small transmission selector lever. Volkswagen calls this “strength and power with a clear brand DNA.”

The new Amarok will receive significantly more assistance systems and communication means – but with all this it will remain a workhorse. Over the past ten years, the model has sold around the world in the amount of 800 thousand copies, and the upcoming pickup should multiply the success of its predecessor. “Amarok”, by the way, will again be sold in Europe, somewhere from the end of 2022. But the main markets will remain South Africa and Australia.

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