Volkswagen started production of the electric car VW ID.3

Volkswagen started production of the electric car VW ID.3


Debut cars buyers will get in the middle of next year.

On 4 November this year, according to the plan, the German company Volkswagen has officially started production of the electric car Volkswagen ID.3, which is expected to be released on the market in mid-2020.

As noted in the company, more than 35 000 customers had pre-ordered the model and paid for a booking, but a limited edition will be released 1ST edition of 30 000 units.


After a gradual increase in production in Zwickau (Germany) the production of electric cars (different models) will increase to 100 thousand by the end of next year to 330 thousand from 2021-th. So, Zwickau will become the largest company in Europe for production of electric cars.

The next step will concern the production of electric models on the platform of the MEB also in Emden and Hannover 2022. By 2028, the German brand intends to sell approximately 22 million electric car around the world.

What do you think will come to our market?

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