Volkswagen, such Voltswagen!

Volkswagen, such Voltswagen!


Volkswagen’s US division will become Volts wagen in April. This was reported in a press release published on the official website of the automaker. The company has already removed this document.

Given the timing, the obvious initial reaction was that the automaker was about to throw an April Fool’s Day joke to promote its electric vehicles. However, an unnamed “person familiar with the company’s plans” told Automotive News that this was not just a joke. An anonymous insider told USA Today that the change will be permanent. contacted VW for more details, but the company did not provide any comment.

Despite these anonymous statements, there are good reasons to doubt that Volkswagen will change its name to Voltswagen for the long term. First, searches at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization did not reveal a valid trademark for Voltswagen.

VW still sells many vehicles in the US that do not offer any form of electrification. While many electric vehicles are on the way, the only one currently available in America is the VW ID.4 electric crossover.

In addition, VW CEO Ralph Brandstätter recently said the automaker “will need combustion engines for a while longer,” and indicated that the Golf, Passat, T-Roc and Tiguan will form the core of the ICE models. It seems a bit premature to rebrand the Voltswagen when so many of the products are not EVs.

One of the possibilities for this upcoming announcement is that it might be a temporary change rather than a long-term one.

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