Volkswagen to hold its “Battery Day”

Volkswagen to hold its “Battery Day”


Volkswagen has announced plans to hold an event similar to Tesla’s Battery Day this fall. The Germans called their presentation Power day and set it for March 15.

The announcement emphasizes that no new cars will be presented at Energy Day. It will be about new accumulators and batteries. The head of the concern Herbert Diess will be the moderator.

New contracts with battery suppliers are expected to be announced at the event. Volkswagen prefers to buy batteries from a variety of companies including LG Energy Solution, SK Innovation, Samsung and CATL.

In addition, the concern intends to present its own batteries, developed in cooperation with NorthVolt and QuantumScape. It was also announced that the company will re-equip its plant in Spain for the production of electric vehicles and batteries.

Recently Volkswagen has also rethought its plans to expand the production of electric vehicles. So, their share in the North American and Chinese markets by 2030 should reach 50%, and in Europe – 70%. Considering that the entire Volkswagen group now sells about 10 million vehicles annually worldwide, it can be estimated that by 2030 the production of electric vehicles of this automaker should reach at least 5-6 million units per year.

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