Volkswagen to unveil 7-seater SUV for Europe

Volkswagen to unveil 7-seater SUV for Europe


Volkswagen Corporation recently announced that by 2024, a new cross will appear in the European model range, the production of which will be established at the plant in Wolfsburg.

Business Insider Agency suggested that the German concern, speaking of a novelty for the European market, implies the Chinese Tayron. But in this case, it will have to compete with the popular Tiguan. Recall that the presentation of the Tayron cross was held in China the year before last. It is based on the same architecture as the Tiguan, and it also has similar engines, while differing from the European car only in appearance in the style of T-Roc.

According to one version, the cross originally created for the Chinese market will be brought to Europe, based on its success in China. At the same time, the German company will presumably risk not selling Tayron with internal combustion engines to European customers, offering it exclusively with hybrid units. The hybrid cross is powered by a 1.4 liter turbo engine and an electric motor with a total output of 218 HP

According to another version, the novelty will be an alternative to the 7-seat VW Tiguan Allspace. In China, the 3-row variation is not offered, but this car will be built specifically for the European market.

In addition, some time ago it became known that the German crossover Volkswagen Touareg equipped with a remote Parking system. It should be emphasized that the new useful option has the ability to manage via smartphone.

We also advise you to see a detailed review of the VW Tiguan from the FineAuto team:

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