Volkswagen Touareg R: sport or marketing?

Volkswagen Touareg R: sport or marketing?


So far, an insurmountable obstacle to all-consuming electrification is the weight of the batteries. And it’s not just about electric vehicles, but also about plug-in hybrids. There are so many conventions around the environmental friendliness and economy of the latter! ..

The problem is especially acute when it comes to a status car. A crossover Volkswagen Touareg R – a plug-in hybrid – the car is obviously like that. And it’s not only about the price tag, but also about the presentation of marketers: after all, “the most powerful Volkswagen in the history of the brand!”

472 l. sec., 700 Nm of torque, 5.1 s to the first 100 km / h … Well, even great! But then imperceptibly and even somehow insidiously there comes a moment when the battery is discharged. Goodbye laudatory odes to electric traction? Hello, the huge weight of batteries and electrical installations?

Very detailed, scrupulous and with real life examples – in our test drive. Happy viewing!

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