Volkswagen will face another big fine

Volkswagen will face another big fine


This time the accusations were made by the government of Canada. Automaker accused of 60 violations of local laws.

In the center of the “diselect” Volkswagen has been in 2015, the scandal with subsequent legal proceedings began in the United States. Local regulators found that VW deliberately distorted information about the real volume of emissions of harmful substances. For this purpose we used special software that allowed you to clean on the tests.

Concern later admitted his guilt, has started to pay fines, compensation and send a car service to reconfigure the software. This process, in fact, affected the whole world. So, in 2016 for repairs sent almost 43 thousand diesel cars Volkswagen (604 32 PCs.), Skoda (3 684 units) and Audi (6 652 units). On compensation of owners it is, of course, did not go.

Now Volkswagen may face a new multimillion-dollar fine. This time to call the manufacturer to liability decided, the government of Canada, which was charged for 60 counts. Most of them (58) associated with the smuggling VW about 128 thousand cars that did not meet emissions standards. We are talking about the period from January 2008 to December 2015. The remaining two violations relate to the provision of false information.

The charges were filed following the investigation, which for 4 years was conducted by Environment Canada and Climate Change. It was dedicated to diesel engines in Volkswagen and software used to conceal the actual level of emissions of harmful substances. Details of the investigation are still classified. It is known that VW at the end of the week will have to appear before the Ontario court. Most likely, as a punishment, the concern will be obliged to pay another imposing a fine.


According to the newspaper Global News, which refers to the representative of VW, the company “fully cooperated” with investigators during the investigation. It is assumed that the German concern has already prepared a plea and solution to the conflict.

In total, deselect led to the recall of about 11 million vehicles worldwide, as well as payment of fines, costs and compensation, which to date have amounted to over 33 billion dollars. Only in the U.S., Volkswagen has paid a fine of $ 4.3 billion.

This summer it became known that Munich prosecutors have charged the former head of Audi Rupert Stadler. Investigators believe that he in 2015 were aware of the fact that the software on diesel car Volkswagen not working properly, but he “allowed or failed to prevent” the further sale of these machines.

You personally made the “deselect”?

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