Volkswagen will release 34 new models in 2020

Volkswagen will release 34 new models in 2020


The German company next year will introduce a new electric cars that will join the family ID.

The company Volkswagen has unveiled its global plans to expand the model range. In 2020, the brand will release 34 new items around the world. In the summer the brand will launch ID 3, and after mid-size SUV ID Next. It is also expected the emergence of a model ID 4, which will be offered in Europe, China and North America.


Six more electric cars and hybrids will go on sale after spring will be a normal version of the models. The brand States that the year 2020 will be released 12 SUVs. In addition, it is reported that Volkswagen this year he plans to publish a record operating profit, despite the fact that its total sales declined slightly.

Volkswagen increased its market share, including through sales of SUVs.

A shrinking market overall, the Volkswagen brand has gained market share globally and has significantly improved its operating results. The constant restructuring of the core business, including a positive effect of the Covenant for the future and success of the world of attack on SUVs, were key to this achievement,” said chief operating officer of Volkswagen Ralph Brandstatter.

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