Volkswagen will start making eco-leather from coffee

Volkswagen will start making eco-leather from coffee


In an effort to make cars more environmentally friendly, German Volkswagen is ready to turn into raw materials even what is usually eaten. The concern intends to produce eco-leather for its machines from coffee.

The fact is that artificial leather is a multi-layer material that consists of a textile base, fillers and a front layer, which imitates the texture of the leather. The silvery peel from the coffee beans, which is separated during the roasting process, can be used to make Volkswagen seat upholstery.

Usually, this skin is disposed of along with other production waste, but now Heimbs will supply it for the production of eco-leather. It is worth noting that Heimbs is the oldest German coffee company. Volkswagen will need to specifically process it and turn it into usable raw materials.

It is reported that the first samples of “coffee” eco-leather are ready and are now being tested. If the development proves to be successful, the automaker will begin mass production of leatherette and will begin using it in cars in the next couple of years.

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