Voltswagen: when the joke went too far…

Voltswagen: when the joke went too far…


A few days before April 1, Volkswagen released an official release about the upcoming rebranding: supposedly in the United States, the brand will be renamed Voltswagen. A day after the publication, it turned out that it was only a marketing move to attract attention to the ID.4 electric car, which entered the American market. Volkswagen wanted to be the first automaker to celebrate April 1, according to The Wall Street Journal, but the joke went too far.

From the message that appeared on the American website, it followed that Volkswagen of America will change its name to Voltswagen of America in May 2021. The rebranding was explained by the change in the vector of the company’s development towards electric mobility. Also quoted by the President of Volkswagen of America Scott Keogh: “We may be changing the letter K to T, but we are not changing the brand’s commitment to creating best-in-class vehicles for drivers around the world.

A source from The Wall Street Journal explained that the automaker did not plan to mislead the public, and the mention of the Voltswagen is associated with the entry of the ID.4 electric car into the American market. Thus, the company wanted to play with the word “volt”, meaning the unit of measurement of electrical potential.

The news, which at first glance seemed like an April Fool’s joke, was believed, among other things, because Volkswagen is really heading for the electrification of the model range. Thus, by the end of this decade, the brands that make up the concern expect to bring to the market about 70 electric models.

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