Volvo. And let no one die

Volvo. And let no one die


Volvo announced the start of production of cars whose maximum speed is compulsorily limited on a mark of 180 km per hour. This is with reference to the head of the Swedish brand, Hakan Samuelson according to Autocar.

The first cars on which the electronic limiter has been moved up from the current 250 km/h to 180 km/h, will fall on the conveyor in the summer of 2020. Next year all the cars the automaker will be performed in accordance with the new standards.


As previously reported, the decision to significantly reduce the “speed” due to the implementation of the strategy Vision 2020, under which the possibility of death or serious injury in a Volvo should be kept to a minimum.

The Swedes also plan to develop a smart system limiting the maximum speed that will work based on the so-called “geofences” – virtual arbitrarily limited areas on the map. For example, the system can automatically trigger a speed limit on the streets where the schools, hospitals and other social institutions.

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