Volvo Cars and Uber present unmanned production car

Volvo Cars and Uber present unmanned production car

Today the company Volvo Cars, a leader in automotive safety, and the company Uber, an innovator in the industry of passenger transport, present a joint development of unmanned production car will be the next step in strategic partnership between the two companies.

In 2016 Uber and Volvo Cars have entered into a joint agreement to design and developed several prototypes, trying together to accelerate the development of unmanned vehicles. Today’s Volvo XC90 SUV is the first production car, requiring the driver with the automatic control system Uber.

In the SUV Volvo XC90 security settings are established using key. This allows Uber to easily install the automatic control system. Therefore, in the future may be available a separate service Uber with the joint use of unmanned vehicles by passengers.

The most important functions of unmanned production car of Volvo Cars includes redundant management and braking, as well as a backup source of energy for the battery. If any major system fails, the backup system will immediately react and stop the car.

In addition to backup systems Volvo car embedded a number of sensors to guarantee safe operation of the automatic control system Uber and safe to move around the city.

An automatic control system for Uber in combination with a car platform for Volvo in the future will be able to provide reliable and safe transportation of passengers that does not require a specially trained employee of the company Uber, who have to drive the car and monitor its movements in the areas designated and suitable for unmanned vehicles.

Presented today Autonomous unmanned production car made within the framework of commercial transactions concluded between Volvo Cars and Uber in 2016, will be the first among tens of thousands of cars that will be used by the company Uber in the coming years as a base for the installation of automatic control systems.

“We believe that unmanned technology will allow us to improve security while driving, as it is a key requirement for our company,” said President and CEO of Volvo Cars håkan Samuelsson. “We expect that by 2025 a third of the cars that we sell will be completely unmanned. The agreement with Uber only underlines our commitment to be the provider who will choose the world’s leading companies and industry leaders in passenger transportation”.

“Close cooperation with companies such as Volvo, is a key condition for the creation of a car Park, which will include the right amount of safe unmanned vehicles,” said the team leader in developing advanced technologies Uber Eric Meihofer. “The reputation Volvo has long been built on the principles of security is the basis and the new serial the unmanned vehicle base. Combined with our technology of automatic control, this car will be a key ingredient in the range of unmanned products Uber”.

Volvo Cars plans to use a similar concept unmanned vehicle base for future unmanned vehicles by the early 2020s. These technologies, which will be used in the next generation of Volvo models, based on the architecture SPA2, will include additional functions. They will enable the unmanned vehicle to move unattended in clearly designated areas, such as highway and ring road.

Volvo Cars believes that cars with Autonomous control system can potentially make the movement safe for the whole society, when all cars will be unmanned. But until you do, this technology makes the management experience easier – the driver no longer need to perform such routine tasks as braking and standing start in traffic jams.

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