Volvo cars have become a dream for motorists

Volvo cars have become a dream for motorists


Swedish online marketplace Blocket made a survey among the local population in order to identify cars which brands often want to buy the Swedes.


So, the most popular among them uses a Volvo. According to the data, which were obtained as a result of the survey, the cars of this brand want to buy about 15% of respondents. Also, 22% of the respondents have become owners of models from this brand. Another 78% said that they are fully satisfied with their choice. Note that the popularity of the local automaker is constantly growing. So, last year only 12% of respondents wanted to buy Volvo.

In this case, the local popularity of the brand is growing: in 2019, only 12% of the respondents would like to buy Volvo. In the second position, according to the survey, is Tesla, with 9%, and the third BMW voted 7% of the Swedes. Also, the rating includes such cars as Volkswagen and Ford, which collected only 3% of the votes.

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