Volvo Cars joins innovative pan-European pilot project of data sharing security

Volvo Cars joins innovative pan-European pilot project of data sharing security

Volvo Cars is joining forces with other car manufacturers, service providers and national governments in the framework of innovative pan-European pilot project for the exchange of data received from vehicles and infrastructure to create safer roads.

A pilot project is under the leadership of state-private partnership “European working group, which works with data.” The partnership includes leading European car manufacturers, service providers, and several European countries.

Partners will share anonymous data about the safety or use of the services based on these data and pilot cloud platform. The contribution of Volvo Cars in the project will be providing data received in real time from the warning systems of potential hazards and slippery roads.

For example, car manufacturers involved in the project will be able to use the data to alert drivers of potential hazards on the road ahead, while service providers can transmit data to private and public organizations that provide traffic safety.

The pilot project will combine multiple brands on a mutually beneficial basis, as its purpose – traffic safety for all. “European working group, which works with data”, was founded in 2017 for this purpose: identifying the main priority the safety of citizens, and not material benefit, to make road conditions safe for all road users.

For several years, Volvo Cars calls on market players to the open and mutually beneficial exchange of data on security. In 2017, the conference of the European Commission in Brussels, the President and CEO of Volvo Cars håkan Samuelsson said that the exchange of data between governments and car manufacturers – this is the right step.

“We believe that the exchange of anonymous data should be performed on a gratuitous basis, for the common good and in the public interest. It will save lives, time and will save taxpayers money,” said Mr. Samuelsson. – “I call upon car manufacturers and the government to start working with us to implement this data exchange in the widest possible scale.”

Volvo cars have warning systems that allow cars to communicate and warn drivers of slippery roads and other threats ahead of using the cloud network. First, these systems have been presented in 2016, and now available in all Volvo models in Europe.

The exchange of data on traffic conditions in real time can significantly improve overall security. The more cars become connected, the more influential it will become. Since last year, Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks have begun to exchange data with the intention of warning drivers about the threats, which is nearby, in Sweden and Norway.

“The more cars will exchange data in real time, the safer our roads will be”, – said the Director of the security Center Volvo Cars of Malin Ekholm. “That is why I believe that the “European working group, which works with the data” is an important initiative. We hope to involve even more partners who share our views on safety”.


In the “European working group, which works with data,” organizations are:

  • Member countries of the EU: the Netherlands, Ministry of infrastructure and water management; Spain, Ministry of internal Affairs La Subdirecci?n General de Gesti?n de la Movilidad DGT; Finland, Organization of transport and communication “TRAFICOM”; Germany, Federal Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, as well as Luxembourg, the Ministry of Economy.
  • Service providers: companies “HERE Europe” and “TomTom Traffic”.
  • Car manufacturers: BMW AG; Ford Smart Mobility Ltd; Mercedes Benz; Volvo Cars
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