Volvo decided to go back to basics?

Volvo decided to go back to basics?


The Volvo prototype car with a body “coupe” has been spotted during road tests.

Recall that the coupe and three-door station wagons, the Volvo P1800 was going from 1961 to 1973. After that, the company did not have direct heirs of these models. However, the following year the P1800 coupe will celebrate its 60th anniversary, it is likely that Volvo has decided to prepare a new car with a reference to this classic model.


So, in near Gothenburg photospin took the pictures of the prototype, which has a classic body “coupe”. Profile of new items, even under the camouflage substantially coincides with the shape of the body P1800 coupe. But there are differences: the extended wheel arches, new bumpers and an extra spoiler in the front. Also the car in camouflage, missing exhaust pipe, it assumes that tests have brought the electric car.

No details on the future of modern coupe Volvo yet. It is not excluded that the power plant of the new electric car will borrow from subsidiaries of the brand Polestar. Also it is not known whether or not a new limited edition or will be released in a single copy.

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