Volvo has announced the release of electric crossover XC40

Volvo has announced the release of electric crossover XC40


Progress in the automotive industry does not stand still – for the first time in more than 100 years, the cars move without gasoline or diesel engine and have the battery in the floor. And the Swedish brand is not far behind.

With the advent of next month’s all-electric crossover SUV Volvo XC40, the company not only launched its first fully electric car, but is one of the safest cars.

“Regardless of what moves the car forward, whether electric propulsion or internal combustion engine, the owner of Volvo must be safe. Fully electric XC40 will be one of the safest cars we’ve ever produced”, says Malin Ekholm, head of the security service of Volvo Cars.

Based on the excellent safety standards of the underlying XC40, the security engineers at Volvo Cars had to completely alter and enhance the front of the vehicle to compensate for the lack of motor to meet the high safety requirements of Volvo Cars, and to help ensure the safety of passengers the same as any other car brand.

“The security principles are the same as any other Volvo. Inside there are people, and the car must be designed so that it was safe for them,” – said in a press release from the brand.

To ensure the safety of passengers and the safety of battery in case of a collision, Volvo Cars also developed new and unique design of the compartment for passengers and the battery in the XC40. Battery is protected by a safety cage, which consists of a frame made of extruded aluminium and built into the middle of the car body, creating a zone of folds around battery.


Placing batteries in the floor of the car helps lower the center of gravity for better rollover protection.

Meanwhile, the body design of the electric version of the Volvo XC40 has been strengthened not only in front, but behind. Here electric power plant was integrated into the body structure to better distribute the force of impact from the cabin and reduce the burden on the people inside the car.

As for active safety systems, environmentally friendly version of the XC40 is also a new technology. This is the first Volvo equipped with complex systems Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) software developed by Zenuity, a joint venture owned by Volvo Cars and Veoneer.

ADAS is a modern, scalable active safety system, which consists of multiple radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. Due to its scalable nature, it can easily develop further and lays the Foundation for future implementation of Autonomous drive technology.


The official debut of the novelty will take place on 16 October, but the company promised to this day to publish more information about the new electric crossover.

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