Volvo has built a tower of 4 new trucks

Volvo has built a tower of 4 new trucks


Department of commercial vehicles of the company Volvo has published a video in which four trucks moving on the highway, standing on each other. On the roof top of the car located the Volvo Trucks President Roger ALM.

The film was shot at night on an empty road. In the first frame through the fog and rain are seen only a few pairs of lights from the headlights, but as you get closer, the tower becomes more visible, and on its roof you can see the man – Roger Alma, which is under the epic music raises his hands to the sky.

Tower truck weighs 58 tons and reaches a height of 15 meters. The film was made in 2019 for the test firing of the company in Gothenburg, Sweden. As told by the Volvo engineer Markus vikström, who participated in the filming, the design of the tower took about a month to make sure it is safe. The whole filming process was granted a three-minute video “a film about the creation of the film”.


Thus the company decided to tell you about four new trucks: Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and the Volvo FMX is designed for tough work conditions. The latter helped the participants of the shooting to put the trucks on top of each other: thanks to the 38-ton truck that was able to withstand the weight of three cars.

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