Volvo has updated the software of electrified crossovers

Volvo has updated the software of electrified crossovers


Volvo has released a software update for its XC40 Recharge, XC60 Recharge and XC60 Polestar Engineered electrified crossovers in the 2021-2022 range. As part of the update, all three models will receive SiriusXM satellite radio.

In addition, the cars received an updated power reserve assistant, which now clearly shows the driver the distance that can be driven on the remaining charge. In addition, the assistant is able to automatically adjust the climate system settings to increase the range. Also, as part of the update, battery management has been optimized, which has a positive effect on the maximum range.

Volvo engineers did not forget about updating the algorithms for the active safety systems and improved the battery monitoring system to more accurately show the remaining charge in cold weather.

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