Volvo introduced the armored version of crossover XC90

Volvo introduced the armored version of crossover XC90

Volvo has unveiled an armored version of the flagship XC90 crossover, the weight of which after the upgrade to 4.5 tons. The car, developed jointly with specialists of the German company Trasco, is designed “for persons in need of constant enhanced protection”.

The body of the Volvo XC90 crossover Armoured from all sides reinforced 10mm solid steel armor, and the standard Windows were replaced with special glass thickness of 50 mm. The total mass of the armor material will be 1400 pounds. The degree of ballistic protection corresponds to the standard VR8 – this means that the vehicle can withstand shots of automatic weapons of 7.62 and grenade explosions.

Due to the increased mass of engineers had to significantly rework the suspension, brakes and engine crossover. Its standard equipment includes tyre Run-Flat, self-sealing fuel tank and tinted all Windows.

In addition, the car is equipped with a fire extinguishing system fuel compartment, and a secret exit in case of need, passengers can leave the crossover in the back of the body.

Armoured Volvo XC90 now available for order in the UK at the price of 450 thousand pounds ($570 500). The first cars will reach customers in late 2019.