Volvo is Recalling half a million cars due to defect flammable

Volvo is Recalling half a million cars due to defect flammable

Company “winner imports Ukraine, Ltd”, the official importer of Volvo in Ukraine, informs about the service campaign on the Volvo S80, S60, V70, XC70, S60CC, V60, XC60, V60CC, S90, V90, V90CC, XC90, V40, V40CC with four-cylinder diesel engines model years 2014-2019.

The campaign is linked with the recent results of research Volvo Cars, which found that in very rare cases, plastic intake manifold may melt and deform. In the worst case there is the probability of occurrence of fire with localization in the engine compartment.

Volvo Cars coming to this situation with great care and attention and shall take all possible measures to address it. So, if the owners of the above-mentioned Volvo models notice anything unusual about the engine operation, for example, the lighting of lamps engine faults, faults in engine operation or loss of engine power, you should immediately contact your local dealer (see table below). If during the trip the driver will feel an unusual smell, should immediately stop and call the Volvo Assistance number 0-800-303-555 if the car is out of warranty, or the local dealer.

All owners of Volvo cars in Ukraine, subject to the service campaign will be invited to the official dealers for conducting corrective action at no charge. To check whether the service campaign for the car from an authorized dealer.

If within the last two years, the owners of Volvo cars have never visited official service centers, call the nearest to check the vehicle for any open service campaigns. This is done by providing the VIN number of the car service representative.

A list of official dealerships of Volvo in Ukraine look on the website.

Note that Volvo Cars is Recalling about 500,000 vehicles worldwide due to the theoretical possibility of ignition of parts of the engines, which was discovered during internal investigations. But while the company has not received any complaint in such cases.