Volvo kills: Swedes recall 54,000 cars


The reason for the Swedish brand’s service campaign is called possible problems with airbags.

The American division of the Volvo brand is conducting a recall campaign that will affect 54 thousand cars, including the S80 and S60 models of the 2001-2003 model year. It is noted that in U.S. regions with high humidity such machines when opening the front airbag driver side element may explode, which will lead to the destruction of the actuator, part of which can scatter in the interior.

On Saturday, it was reported that one person in the United States was killed when a driver’s air bag produced by the company ZF/TRW FG2 exploded. The road Safety Agency reported that this incident was the only fatal accident so far. During the service campaign, Volvo intends to replace the defective element in the air bag with a more modern and serviceable one.

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