Volvo on Call: cares about your expenses

Volvo on Call: cares about your expenses


Thanks to a new smartphone app, Volvo on Call drivers is a plug-in hybrid cars will receive usage data on electric cars. Plug-in hybrid cars charged from the external power source and from now on all indicators in the application. Among the new features is the so called “pedometer” for electric cars, which will inspire the owners of Volvo to move solely on electric and increase interest in the electric car market. Now “count the steps” in electrified Volvo cars as easy as your own.

In the new version of Volvo on Call, information is available about the distance that the driver was overcome in all-electric mode, wasting power and fuel. Later this year owners of plug-in hybrids will see their individual impact on CO2 emissions and other indicators. New options will help drivers to realize personal impact on the environment and environmental responsibility. The app will show the fuel savings in monetary terms – due to the movement solely on electric.

The chief digital officer of Volvo Cars, Edgard Andersson told about the new features of the app: Volvo On Call will make life easier for the driver and will create a more personalized experience management. A new stage of digital technology in cars will lead to the rising popularity of apps, which will eventually become as much a part of Volvo as the car itself.

New features Volvo on Call is available to all plug-in hybrid Volvo models, developed on the new SPA and CMA platforms. In 2015 these cars are sold in 47 countries, where he worked for Volvo on Call.


Björn Annually, head of commercial activities of Volvo Cars in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, explained the main purpose of the application. The owners understand the basic principles of driving in electric mode, and therefore will be able to travel with less consumption and carbon emissions.

“We see plug-in hybrids as “electric cars, working part-time”. They encourage changes in people’s behaviour and paving the way for the use of all-electric vehicles,” said Annall.

Volvo Cars is the first of the automakers have pledged to electrify and presented the plans for the future without the traditional internal combustion engine. Sales of plug-in hybrid Volvo is 25% of the total sales in Europe. In the next 5 years, Volvo Cars will showcase a range of all-electric cars. The first of these XC40 Recharge P8 – start production this year in Belgium.

Today, each model Volvo is represented ??format plug-in-hybrid from the compact crossover XC40, cars, 60 series, and to the large XC90 SUV. Volvo Cars is the only automaker that offers a hybrid version for each existing model with the ice.

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