Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing 424bhp/tonne Restomod vs original RETROspective

Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing 424bhp/tonne Restomod vs original RETROspective


The Volvo P1800 isn’t your everyday classic sportscar. Which means the 420hp, 990kg Cyan Racing P1800 isn’t your everyday restomod. A faster, modernised version of Volvo’s stunning coupe, this is a cool Swedish alternative to the Eagles and Singer 911s of the world. If your snacks-of-choice for a roadtrip are liquorice and Turkish delight, all washed down with some dandelion & burdock, then this might just be the car for you. And whilst we’re out here in the left field, go and check out our review of the BMW Z1 and its brilliant drop-down doors… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this obviously is an old volvo a 245 estate to be precise and while this one is small the real thing is big boxy and as sexy as an orthopedic shoe but it wasn’t always this way way back in the 50s and 60s before the squares took over the design department volvo’s actually had curves i mean look at this four and a half meters of sweeps swishes and swoops it is of course the p1800 born in the 60s as a head-turning flagship to big up the volvo brand around the world in fact volvo’s idea was to create a car they could park in showroom windows to lure people inside where they would then find a selection of very safe sensible saloons it was quite literally then a piece of eye candy not just on the outside oh yes look at this the deep dish two spoke steering wheel these needle thin indicator stalks chrome dials groovy leather and the best bit of all the rear view mirror perched on the dash top oh and then there’s this the three point seat belt invented by volvo in 1959 just two years before the p1800 went on sale it was developed by engineer nils bolin and first introduced in the volvo amazon the car on which the 1800 is based since then it’s thought his invention has saved over a million lives around the world it was arguably the most important automotive safety breakthrough of all time airbags included so volvo proved it could do safe but could it do speed no not really even by early 60s standards this p1800 is a bit sleepy and it corners well like a volvo except of course if you were roger moore uh yeah his bond stint came later this was 60s cult classic the saint featuring a white 1800 supplied by volvo after jaguar turned down the producer’s requests for a neat time this is a 1962 british built car with a 100 horsepower 1.8 liter engine driving the rear wheels not a 62 12 and a half seconds top speed 105 miles an hour so not exactly a hair razor but then the p1800 was always more of a laid back scandy gt than a balls to the wall sports car what you do get is a really lovely delicate steering rack a decent gear shift the ride oh the ride this car is so comfy and it even sounds pretty good it might not be fast but it does feel special and just look at it in my book it’s right up there with the prettiest 60s sports cars here then was a car that looked like a ferrari but had a properly affordable price tag just two grand back in 1961 or around 30 grand in today’s money in total almost 50 000 were built and they were built to last in 1966 a new yorker by the name of irv gordon bought a p1800 from a dealership on long island on his first weekend behind the wheel he did 1500 miles over the next few years he kept driving and driving and driving all over the usa years became decades and earth kept going and going by the time he passed away in 2018 irv and his volvo have clocked up 3.2 million miles setting a guinness world record for the highest mileage car in history so it looked great cost a fraction of its rivals and despite not being intended to be a mass production sales hit it was sort of a mass production sales hit it came as a bit of a surprise then when in 1973 just 12 years after the p1800 went on sale volvo ditched it concentrating on straight lace saloons instead the p1800 was never replaced but what if it had lived on what would a p1800 look like today well funny you should ask this is the p1800 cyan a 60s classic in 21st century clothes a resto modded hot rodded take on volvo’s long lost coupe it’s made by cyan racing the team formerly known as pole star before volvo reassigned that name to its all-electric offshoot whatever they’re called they’re the current world touring car kings so they know a thing or two about turning street spec volvos into track tune champions like most resto mods it’s based on a donor car in this case a p 1800 from 1964 but that’s where things get complicated because one man’s resto mod is another man’s replica some are faithful recreations other are modern reimaginations the cyan is more of the latter like singer does to old 911s cyan does to old volvos binning last century’s tech for properly modern hardware the body has been stiffened and the chassis shored up with space-age materials and the suspension is all new with race grade double wishbones and adjustable dampers and almost everything that can be carbon fiber is now carbon fiber meaning it weighs just 990 kilograms that’s less than a full fiesta so what’s powering all this well in the spirit of the original under the bonnet is yeah a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine only this one is the two-liter four-cylinder turbo from cyan’s world touring car tweaked to produce 420 horsepower not 62 don’t really care top speed well that depends on how much runway you’ve got all right that’s 150 kilometers an hour someone get their calculator out that’s 210 still pulling still thrilling 220 230 to 40. no idea how fast i’m going yeah 240 clicks that’ll do but speed is only half the story more important says cyan is that this p1800 delivers an authentic rear-wheel drive experience in other words it’s a volvo that can do this there are zero driver aids no traction control no abs thankfully it does have some mod cons like cloud-based tire tech there is however a bit of a sting in the tail whereas the original p1800 was an affordable sports car for the people this new one is not this particular slice of scandicool will set you back about 380 000 pounds but here’s the thing all of those cars had offspring that created a bloodline that runs right up to today the p1800 didn’t so in a way it’s still the daddy oh you

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